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At Stancill Brewery, we love the role that England played in producing one of the best lagers in history and the starting point of the modern-day lager, the traditional Pilsner.

The Pilsner was created by Josef Groll in 1842 using the best available English pale malt, noble German and Czech Republican hops and beautifully pure water.

Just like Groll, we use the finest in English pale malt, yeast from Germany, as well as imported Czech Republican hops (with the addition of one of two English varieties to maximise on flavour). Although we may not have access to the Plzen water supply originally used, we would argue our supply directly from the Peak District national park is up to the job. The water is pure and soft, perfect for brewing Lagers and Pilsners.

Our Stancill Pilsner is a premium British Pilsner with an ABV of 5%, quadruple filtered for strength, character and purity. The result is a Pilsner so crisp and perfectly clear even ‘the Father of Pils’ Joseph Groll would be proud.