Stancill Brewery loves the role that England played in producing one of the best lagers in history, and the starting point of the modern day lager. Just like Josef Groll in 1842, we use the best available English Pale malt along with noble hops imported from Germany and the Czech Republic such as Saaz and Hallertauer (with the addition of one or two English varieties to maximise on flavour!).

We use lagering techniques of Bavarian-style with all of our lagers undergoing a minimum of one month conditioning to impart flavour and aroma that cannot be rushed! Although we are around 900 miles away from Plzen’s water supply, we have a mighty fine supply of our own, directly from the juxtaposed Peak District national park. Like that of Plzen, the water we receive in Sheffield is beautifully pure and soft- perfect for making Lager!

We love making it just as much as you enjoy drinking it and we hope you enjoy the history and heritage that we use to ensure our Lager is up to the exacting standards of “the father of the Pils” Joseph Groll.

Our Stancill Pilsner is a premium British Pilsner/Lager with an ABV of 5% and quad filtered for strength, character and purity. It is brewed in Sheffield using the finest British malt, Noble hops from the Czech Republic, yeast from Germany and the purest Peak District water. The result is a Pilsner so crisp and perfectly clear even the father of Pils’ Joseph Groll would be proud of.

History of the Pilsner