When Thomas Gill and Dr Adam Hague found out that the highly respected Oakwell Brewery of Barnsley had made a decision to cease brewing they had an idea. An idea that saw them, within 48 hours, dismantle the entire 22.5BBL capacity brewery and move it to the brewing capital of England, Sheffield.
Oakwell Brewery had brewed the Legendary Barnsley Bitter for over 150 years. Soon it would be consigned to the history books. Tom and Adam hatched a plan to ensure that the flow of Barnsley Bitter continued. Before deciding where to place the new brewery, they tested all the local areas surrounding Barnsley and found North Sheffield to have the finest water purity and softness to brew a fine cask ale. As 96% of beer is water, finding the key raw ingredient plays a crucial part in the flavour, texture and carrier for all the other ingredients and the brewing process itself.

Once the brewery was established and all the brewing equipment correctly installed, the pair set off to recreate their favourite – Barnsley Bitter.
A few weeks later, Thomas and Adam remember that moment very well indeed….”It was a dream come true, Barnsley Bitter was back..!”

The duo’s dream was to create one of the UK’s leading breweries. One with a range of core fine cask ales and special brews as well as the ability to brew its own Pilsner (a process few brewers ever achieve).

Less than two years later they have achieved this and more, having won numerous awards for Barnsley Bitter as well as brewing Sheffield’s first ever Pilsner, the Stancill Pilsner.
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